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Legacy Leaver The Next Gener Nations 08/11 by Legacy Leaver | Blog Talk Radio

Legacy Leaver The Next Gener Nations 08/11 by Legacy Leaver Blog Talk Radio

Listen to This awesome experience by Elder John & Mrs Aventer Gray! Love ,Marriage and Global Ministry as One!

Listen to the Faith miracles of both their mother's. Life changing!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Can I talk to You? Part 1

Can I Talk to You ?Part 1

First what is a good man according to God’s standards? It is one that will leave an inheritance to his children’s children. A good man from a good woman’s standpoint is one that thinks generationally and has already started making preparations not just for the future but after he is gone. His mind is on more than just himself, but he is looking at the needs of others.
So many times men you place too many hardships on yourselves when it’s not that hard. A really good woman is not looking at the world’s standards as to what a good man is, neither is she considering from her own thoughts what she perceives is a good man. Now don’t get me wrong we may develop a list of what we want in a husband, but in the ultimate end one thing is very clear we want who God desires for us. (Prov. 3:5, 6 Ps 37:4)
A lot of you good men think we as good women are hung upon material things, a nice body and walking on lots’ of money. It’s really nothing wrong with wanting or obtaining those things but its’ not the foundation of what we look for in a good man. It goes beyond the surface and deeper than those things that are here today and gone tomorrow. For instance can you even hold an intelligent conversation? Communication is very important to us and if you have a hard time talking or expressing yourself then you will have a hard time in establishing who you really are in life.
What are you saying Ms. Sondra?  Well let’s take it back to the beginning of the Word in Genesis. The earth was dark and without form or void. Nothing happened until God spoke and things begin to happen. The earth was developed because God spoke it into existence. Later on in the New Testament Jesus became the Word of God and lived and walked among us. Jesus didn’t do anything apart from the Word of God. Even when Eve was presented before Adam he identified her and spoke into her and said ‘This is now bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh, she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of man.”(Gen.2:23) NKJV
Now let’s take a closer look into this. It’s no coincidence that this passage is found in Genesis 2 and the rib from Adam to make Eve is found in verse 22. The number 2 in this context is pertaining to union, agreement. Adam came in agreement with God in whom he designed for him. She was already a part of him and Adam recognized that. Therefore Adam was able to claim her and name her and then God gave them their instructions, blessed them and they were able to walk together in divine agreement.
What matters to us most is that you come in agreement with God pertaining to you. You want to know what really pleases a good woman your obedience and commitment to God first. Your prayer life and worship is what will make our eye brows raise. Your willingness to submit to those in authority over you, that is a sure sign to let us know what kind of leader you really are and what kind of power you really possess. Obedience plus submission equals ultimate power. Having a whole lot of money, expensive material things or having your name on the front liners is great but again that is not the driving force. What good is it to gain the whole world and yet lose your soul?
Men it is important that you have the ability to speak life into us. That you cover us in prayer and you support us in our endeavors as we support you in what you do. Men you know when you have chosen the right one for you because she is equipped with everything you need to continue to be successful. Remember Adam was already doing very well before Eve was even presented to him. So ladies that is a sign right there to wait on God’s divine timing before trying to take matters into your own hands because you can’t wait.
We as women must realize it is not our job to step in to make a man realize he is a man. That is God’s job. So many countless times I have seen women hearts broken because she fell in love with someone who was a whole lot of potential and no action. The woman ended up carrying the whole relationship because you became his mother and not his mate. Women learn to stay out of the way and let God do what he does. God named Adam, and gave him responsibilities, not Eve. In the meantime if you are the right one he will come after you. Remember Eve was presented before Adam but Adam found her by choosing her, claiming her as his and then gave her his last name Womb (man).
Now ladies, before Eve was presented before Adam she spent quality time with God. Get to know God for yourself first. Some of us have not taken the time to heal from past relationships or family hurts and we bring all of that into something new. Take that quality time with God first (Ps 37:4) you will know who you were designed for because it will be more of a spiritual connection than something created in the flesh.
Now ladies when God does present you before him wait until he identifies you. Remember Adam and Eve did not walk in agreement until Adam identified her and claimed her as his. It is not our job or assignment to get ahead of God’s divine timing. It is also important men and women we do not manipulate someone into being with us. That is soul-ish and is a form of witchcraft. Witching someone’s’ will over to your will or what you want even if it doesn’t line up with God’s perfect will. Most times ladies we must be honest we know when it is not the right one. I have a divorce to prove it, just being transparent. Men you know when you are not with the right one but yet you tend to want to go with the flow as to not hurt their feelings or you see no way out. So what do you have two people walking in agreement to be disobedient and miserable? Just stop it. If you are already married then you will have to continue to go before God and allow Him to work it out between the two of you.
God desires for us to build healthy prosperous relationships. It is not His will for us to walk in misery and neglect. Men you are praying for a good woman, a wife, then make sure you want who God desires for you. If you are still stuck on self and what you want then you might as well stop praying because you won’t be able to recognize her when God brings her before you or if you do your mind is already made up to choose Ishmael(flesh,soulish, man- made) instead of Isaac (spirit, promise God ordained)
 One thing I’ve learned as I continue to draw closer to God is my will doesn’t matter if I want the best from Him. God will never take away our power to choose but a choice will be made. The question is will you make the right one according to what God says and wants for you or are you going to choose based on the moment in what you see with your natural eye.
Men you will know you have made the right choice because 1. God is pleased with you 2. The woman will help enhance you and add to your life, not subtract or take away. Remember God created woman as a help mate so her desires are to make sure she can help you as much as possible. She loves to see you shine and look good in what God has called you to do. She wants the best for you and she knows how to walk in the spirit and war in the spirit on your behalf. After all she was made from you. She will know exactly how to speak into your spirit and life because her ears are fine tuned to God’s voice. Notice there are no material things listed here.
Women just do what God continues to tell us to do and God will make sure he finds us. Trust me when you are the one he will make every effort he can to get your attention, which normally means drawing closer to Christ because he sees that you are no ordinary woman. He sees the God in you and there may be some things he’s going to God about first because he knows he has to step to you correctly. As my brother in Christ Do’Quoi “The Duke” Green relationship advisor says, “Women there is no need to lower your standards to get a man”. If you are doing that you are cheating yourself from receiving the best God has for you.
All in all, the right person, the right relationship that God has ordained will enhance your relationship with God first, with each other second and then with others. The right relationships will help build with you to help establish a legacy and leave an inheritance.
 Be Blessed.
   Lysondra J Hardy
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Friday, June 24, 2011


     Okay what do you do when all mess breaks loose? You turn to your right there is mess. You turn to your left there is mess. Your so called friends are now your adversaries. The ones you thought would be there in your defense are now on the other side with the prosecuters. What hurts the most, the main ones you've done the most for are now demanding your very life. Or even better your haters that you never did anything for, have made a choice to not like you and you know most of the time the reasons are they see the greatness in you and where you are going, now they are causing mess with you.
    You know it's funny when you began to change for the better and you really make up in your mind to start doing the right thing, that's when you are hated the most. Expect opposition and division when you preach the Kingdom. Expect people to walk away from you and not support you when you make a decision to be Kingdom minded and not religious minded. Expect to be made a spectacle of when you choose to Love Your way through It like Jesus did,instead of arguing and fighting back and forth like the religious sects.
   Jesus was falsely accused all the time,even to the point they called Him Beezelbub (Devil). Guess who called Him the devil ,religious judgemental  folk. For instance ,Jesus preached the Kingdom and because of this the Pharisees plotted how they might kill Jesus. Wait a minute, you mean to tell me the main ones that should be supporting Jesus,the quote unquote spiritual fathers of the law of Moses had murder in their hearts and were relentless even to the point of scheming up charges against Jesus? No ,it can't be. But yes it's true. Dying on the cross was part of the plan ,but guess who were the main ones to help get Jesus there, "I'll take "What is A Pharasiee and religious sect for 200.00 Alex"   ?
    Okay ,maybe you don't believe me so let MsSondra show you in the Word of God, Luke 23:13-25. Jesus was brought before Pilate by the high priests,rulers and others that accused Him of disturbing the peace.Hhhmm funny because we always sing or preach Jesus is the Prince of Peace. Even though they kept trying to bring false accusations, Pilate kept saying I find no fault in this man. Even Herod found no fault in Jesus, yet religious folk kept plotting and scheming lies against Jesus to the point they won the approval of the crowd to let a murderer go free and put Jesus to death. What do you do when the whole crowd rather justify a lie, rather than remember your good track record that speaks truth for itself ?
    Mssondra remembers when the bracelet WWJD (What Would Jesus Do)? was very popular. Some of us may still wear them. But let's think for a moment What did Jesus do? He remained silent even to the point of death. Some may question Well if you didn't do these things why don't you defend yourself? Why don't you fight? Why is Jesus settling ? Ask yourself why didn't Jesus appeal His case? Jesus knew His purpose was to die on the cross but in the ultimate end He would have the victory.
    MsSondra came to encourage you today to remain focused on the ultimate victory. Many lies,accusations and false accusers will come to try and distract you from your ultimate purpose that you were designed for. If we are going to be like Jesus, then walk the walk don't just talk the talk. Be careful of the songs you sing and the messages you preach wanting to be more like Him because it will come with persecution,humiliation,and being treated like an outcast. For some of you I just messed up your whole image of your sweet Jesus you had in your mind. WWJD? He remained silent,stayed focused and fulfilled every prophecy spoken so that we could have right relationship with God through Jesus Christ and receive power to accomplish those things we are assigned to do. He died for Relationship,not religion. Jesus didn't just think about himself in the moment,He looked at you and I and said for this reason I came to fulfill my purpose. Jesus mind was focused on the generations to come. Jesus was the Word sent and made manifest in the flesh. The Word was beaten,spit upon,lied to and lied on,betrayed,bashed harshly and many walked away from the truth of the Word in order to indulge in the pleasures of the world or not to stick out in a crowd.You know what I mean, people are okay with the Word until it affects their image or may cause them to lose status quo.
  MsSondra says don't focus on the moment but look at the outcome long term. Ask yourself the question why are you being persecuted so harshly? What is it about you that religious sects and others devise lies to try and destroy you? This only means that what God has placed in you is so valuable and so awesome to the Kingdom. You are a change agent, a disturbor  or destroyer of the norm, or if it ain't broke don't fix it mentality! You are sent to break up foul and business as usual ground for Gods divine order to be established. Isn't that what Jesus did ?  What God has placed in you disturbs prinicipalities,powers and spiritual wickedness in high places. What Did Jesus Do? He came and did the perfect will of His Father which is in heaven, and because He was obedient even until death by way of the cross,He gained the ultimate victory!!
   MsSondra says your praise,prayers,worship and your words are so valuable and the enemy wants to cause all kinds of viscious distractions to make you walk away from it all.But don't give up, stay focused ,victory is truly here. You shall not die ,but live and when I'm saying this statement MsSondra is not talking a physical death but spiritual. With Christ in your life and being in purpose with what He has anointed you to do, either way you have the victory. With Christ in your life you win everytime, even in death. Don't forget He rose with all power and is now seated at the right hand of the Father inteceding for us. Yes Jesus is still pleading your case, praying for you diligently, praying for a close relationship with you and this is why Jesus did what He did in remaining silent and taking it all to the cross of death so that you and I could have life and have it more abundantly. Now that's Love!  Mssondra question to you What are you willing to sacrifice so that others may live ?   Think about it.

Remember He wants Relationship Not Religion

Be Blessed


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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Eye Of The TIGER!!!

    It never ceases to amaze me what God will use to minister to me. One night as MsSondra was preparing to unwhined and get ready to go to sleep ,MsSondra started to flip through the channels on television. Right now MsSondra is on a fast so she has to be careful what she watches. MsSondra decided to stop on the movie Rocky 3. Now normally this would not spark MsSondra's interest even though she has seen all the Rocky movies but the Holy Spirit said "Stay right there and watch the rest of the movie" .
   During the beginnig of the movie Rocky Balboa was Heavy Weight Champion of the world.He was famous,doing very well financially,you can say he had it all. But he was oblivious to the fact he had an enemy who was preparing to rise up against him. We know him as "Mr. T" the mohawk wearing, mean look,trash talking tough guy. Well while Rocky was celebrating and not taking his next big fight seriously ,his  rival was showing up at his previous fights learning and mastering his techniques. His rival was developing strategic ways to overcome Rocky. Not to mention Rocky ignored the advice of his coach telling him this next one is quote unquote "A Killer" Don't take him lightly, he's not like the others. He is hungry for the title and you are not prepared to beat him,cancel the fight. Of course Rocky didn't listen and continued to train the same way as always. When Rocky and "Mr. T" met for the first time in the ring "Mr. T"(rival) knew he was so well prepared to take on Rocky. He knew he was going to take the title right from under him literally. "Mr. T" came in the ring talking much trash and looked Rocky square in the eye and said you're "Dead Meat". Rocky couldn't even look him in the eye. When Mr. T went back to his corner he said I can smell the fear, I'm going to kill him and that's exactly what he did. Total knockout! (TKO)
    What is MsSondra saying; many of us are trying to face our enemies with the same old techniques not realizing our enemies have watched us for years, learning our secret techniques,secret codes,habits and patterns. They know what time we pray,where we sit,how and what we eat,what time we work out,how we work out,they have literally mastered our techniques,developed some of their own and are now using it against us to take us out. Most organizations are destroyed from the inside out,not outside in. Somehow we have let our guard down to the point we became comfortable in our fight. When you face your enemy and your enemy knows he has studied you so well he can tell you, you're weak and full of fear, it's time for serious change.
    As the movie continued Rocky not only lost the fight,he lost his title and his close friend and trainer. Rocky began to give up and didn't want to fight anymore, until one of his former opponents "Apollo" came to him and said "It's not over for you" ! You can beat him but not with what you have now. "You must go back to the beginning" The Eye of The TIGER"! You must get your edge back. Apollo stated the reason you beat me Rocky you had the eye of the tiger. You were hungry for the win and you prepared strategically to beat me. Apollo stated and "I'm going to teach you some new techniques that will give you the victory. We can win together."
    As the movie ended Rocky and Mr. T met once again for the title.At first it seemed like Mr T. was going to have another easy win,but Rocky kept stating "I know what I'm doing" .People were shouting stop the fight!Stop the fight!Rocky said no,I know what I'm doing. Rocky in actuality was wearing his enemy out to the point when Rocky came at him ,he came so strong his enemy was too worn out to keep going at the same pace and eventually Rocky won the fight.
   In this season God is looking for those who can endure through the storm. Many of us miss the lesson God is trying to teach us because we're waiting for God to remove the storm and God is saying No; there are some things I need you to learn in the storm so that you can master the storm and you can tell it when to cease.We can't command something to stop if we don't recognize 1. Who we are and 2. the authority we walk in. Rocky could not defeat his enemy until he went back and remembered who he was and what made him such a skilled fighter and heavy weight champion in the first place. It was the EYE OF THE TIGER ,the cutting edge ,that led him to victory each time. This time Rocky trained with Apollo his former rival and learned not only to handle the attacks,but to allow the attacks to make him angry enough to endure it and use it to Rise up and take out his rival. He mastered his storm!
   It's time for us to go back to the beginning where we had that cutting edge. For some of us we have become to comfortable and predictable in our spiritual warfare. Switch up ! Try something New!! Park somewhere different.Pray different! Renew your MIND! Change your seat in church. Dress differently,think different,talk different. We have allowed our enemy too much access and become too predictable to the point your enemy(rivals) can tell you what you will do next, and what they are going to do to you! Guess what, if you are not prepared,they are going to have total victory time and time again over you, using what they've learned from guess who? YOU. (SMH)
   MsSondra sayz in this season DO not be afraid to watch your enemies,because they are not afraid to watch you and what you are doing. God may assign you right in the middle of the enemy's camp, but do not fear and do not say this isn't God. You are there on assignment to 1. Be a light in a dark place 2. to learn strategic ways that will enhance your skills 3.pray for the lost to be saved 4. realize who you are in the midst of choas so you can master your storm,look at it eye to eye and YOU tell it to cease! But it will not cease until you realize who you are! As Pastor Powell from New Birth Augusta stated " You cannot give up on what your destiny has called you to do!" MsSondra sayz it's time for you to rise up and REMEMBER  WHO you are "THE EYE OF THE TIGER"!! THE CUTTING EDGE !! It's TAKE OVER TIME! IT'S TOTAL VICTORY TIME AND YOUR ENEMIES ARE GOING TO PAVE THE WAY FOR YOU TO PURSUE,OVERTAKE AND RECOVER ALL!!

Be Blessed;


Tuesday, April 12, 2011


         As MsSondraSayz attended her daughters colorguard exhibit show, there was something very significant that took place. All of the students did an outstanding job, but there was something very special about this one particular band that absolutely stood out. The members of the band begin to say these words "We Must Become One" One! "We Must Become One"! One! As the band said this, they started to formulate together as one and suddenly begin to move as one while they played their instruments. It was incredible! The band played with such power,precision and unity. You could literally feel the power hit the stands as they performed. This reminded me of the word that my Bishop Long speaks to us on a continuous basis "As One We Win"!

       Mssondra encourages you to unite your forces for total victory. We must realize the strategic aim of the enemy is to present 1. Distractions 2. Seperation. The enemy knows there is power in unity. Notice Mssondra didn't say in numbers. You can have 10,000 people and everyone has their own agenda,own plans and mindset and nothing gets accomplished except confusion,mess, frustration and eventually seperation.But you can have a group of three hundred that have the same mindset,same agenda and believing in the same plan to get more accomplished with strategic power.

       What is MsSondra saying; The band gave a command "We Must Become One"! One! The band didn't ask ,they told you in order to have great success, to move forward, to be a united front and have great power "We Must Become One"!  God is giving us the command to unite our forces together. The problem with most, we have gotten caught on labels of religion that we miss the true intent of what God is after and that is relationship with Him through His Son Jesus the Christ. God wants us to form healthy united relationships. To pray as one,to win the lost as one,to have total victory as one. Now as the band formulated together there was one leader that the band continuously followed,but you had to really pay attention to see it because they moved so strategically together as one they blendid in with the leader. That's how God wants us to become with Him. We are moving and becoming so one with Him and He with us, that when people see us they see the God in us so strong and so united it's hard to diffrentiate the two.

      Many times in life we feel it's our time or it's safe for us to venture out on our own because someone else said so or we feel we received a deep revelation and we take flight and leave the formation.But we must discern the times and hear the call. Now is not the time to leave the pack or to become a one man or one woman show or form our own coalition. Now is the time for us to rise up together as One to strategically win. Again the band gave a command "We Must Become One" One! In this season it is not about feelings,or personal opinions or viewpoints,it's about becoming strategically positioned to gain total victory in every area of our lives and over the enemy (Satan). If the band members decided not to heed to the command to come together and went off playing and doing their own thing it would have been one huge disaster and disappointment. How many of you Jesus has been reaching out to you to accpet Him as your personal savior and become one and yet refuse to listen and continue to do your own thing.It could be God is saying you have the resources necessary to help a certain church, business or youth group but because of a certain belief  you haven't made a step forward to help,knowing that God has burdened your heart to reach out and take action. Don't wait for a worldwide disaster to happen when God is commanding you to unite now.

    MsSondra sayz God is pleased when we dwell together in unity as it says in His Word (ps.133:1) and in this season and in these times we must adhere to the command that God is continuously giving us today "We Must Become One" One"! Together we Will Win! Be Blessed.


Monday, March 21, 2011

He wants Relationship! Not Religion.

      In February MsSondra was afforded the opportunity to travel to Northern California for the first time. Actually MsSondra was on assignment to help conduct workshops on unity and family so I thought, but when Ms Sondra arrived plans changed to teaching on religion. HHHmmm,didn't understand why at first God decided to swing this way but nevertheless MsSondra continued to flow in His leading and she is so glad she did.
     The first day of the workshops went very well. There were college students there that face the battle of religious ideaologies on a daily basis. So much exposure to what man says is true, versus what the Word of God says. Some were confused to whom God really is. What's truth and what's not? As the other facilitator was teaching MsSondra was praying for insight and wisdom to say and do the right things and not be so deep that no one understands what she is saying .When it was MsSondra turn to speak she started out by saying this "Where did the term think outside of the box come from"? When did God ever say there was a box? As humans, when we can't comprehend or make sense of something that is not tangible,or can see, or we feel it's to broad of a spectrum we tend to place a label on it. Something that is understandable in our limited mind of thinking. The only reason we tend to use the statement "Think outside the Box" we have already placed boundaries on what can be done within our own limitations. All God said to do was simply believe. God says with Him all things are possible,just believe, have faith.
    It's the same process with religion. Where did all of these different beliefs emerge from and who says they are important? With all of these different labels of religion has it unified us ?or kept us seperate? Let's look at this from a Kingdom perspective. Now when Jesus came all he presented was the Kingdom. Jesus never put a spiritual religious label on who He was. He said " I am, The Way ,The Truth and the Life No one comes to the Father (God) except through me." Many of us call this Christianity ,Jesus called it the Kingdom Way. No label. In order to accept Jesus Christ all you have to do Is confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that God has raised Him(Jesus) from the dead you shal be saved.(Rom. 10:9) There is no religious title or label to that again only Kingdom along with faith.
  As the workshops continued The Holy Spirit begin to lead me to talk about relationship. Christ wants a relationship with you,not a religious luncheon. Jesus can care less about what your religious background is and the plethra of scriptures you have memorized if it's not rooted in love and building relationships. Think about how many people we have hurt because they didn't follow our doctrinated homeade rules and regulations. How many people did we run back into the streets because they didn't wear a dress or a suit to church. Let's do a self evaluation right quick,what do you think Jesus Christ is more interested in; the one soul that feels disconnected from him and you have the gifting inside of you that can draw that person closer to Christ, or the man made rules that are so strict that love has no place to reside in your order.
     Let's get one thing straight,God is after relationship and not religion. The divine order is getting us back to right relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ The Kingdom Way. All of this other religious order is irrelevant.Case in point,there was a young lady who's married,her husband is baptist and she's penecostal. They stopped going to church together because of their different religious view points and it caused them to get in arguments. By the time MsSondra finished teaching on Relationship and how Christ wants to love you and not religion she was able to heal and realize what she needed to start doing concerning her husband. She stated "I can now go to church with my husband and understand it's not about the religious order but God's love through relationship".
   Point #2 another gentleman came into our workshop. MsSondra knew from the way he walked in; there was a test to pass. By the time we finished teaching on God's love and His main priority is relationship,the gentleman begin to share with us that he had been so badly hurt and disappointed by religious folk he placed a wall or barrier up around him. The gentleman stated he came to test us to see if we were like all the other religious folk that he had bad encounters with. After hearing what we were teaching on he said he can heal now. The gentleman stated "I thought I came out here to teach workshops but now I realize God sent me here to be healed" .
  As Ms Sondra closes out, she asks you the following questions, What are you doing to build healthy loving relationships? Are the words you teaching and speaking so influential that people yearn to draw closer to Christ because of the Love that is displayed through you? Does your life exemplify that of Christ where what you do and say builds their faith to believe in love again,to develop their own relationship with Him and to empower others. Again MsSondra is not talking about religions that have so kept us apart from being unified. God desires relationship with you through His Son Jesus The Christ, The Kingdom way. MsSondraSayz in this season let's focus on building healthy, unified, loving relationships Christs way. That's Love ya'll.


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