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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

What YOU Can't DO!!

  Alright enough is enough! No one wants to play into your self pity party anymore. No more sad songs,no more sleepless nights, no more talking and re-hashing old memories that have been buried long ago and yet you show up to the cemetery everyday with a shovel ready to dig IT back up again!! It's time to let it GO! What YOU can't do is keeping holding on to your PAST! The only thing your rear view mirror is good for is looking back for a moment to make sure what's behind you doesn't interfere with what's in front of you. The rear view mirror was not designed  for you to constantly look into it while you are living in your present and moving forward into your future.  YOU can't allow negativity, old dead relationships,past mistakes,or any hindrances keep riding with you in the front seat of your life expecting greatness to overtake you. It won't happen. The sad thing is ,God has sent great wonderful life-filled people to you ,but your memories of yesterday killed them all. Now you have these skeletons taking up space that brings no life and adds nothing to your future. Today I declare to you,NO MORE! Let it GO ! Move FORWARD!

    What YOU can't DO, You Can't remain STUCK! Have you ever been in a situation that seemed like it dragged on forever. You wonder when in the world will THIS be over? It seems like you can't move forward and you know you can't go backwards, so for the meantime you feel STUCK? I've been there plenty of times,but I had to find other positive avenues that occupied my mind and my time. 1.) Do something nice for someone else. Sometimes we are too focused on our circumstance or situation and we can become overwhelmed. Now is the time to take your energy and pour it into helping someone else. 2.) Get involved. What is it you love to do. Find something active that will bring you joy and help you to release somethings you may have become frustrated about. There are plenty of free activities that possibly your community,  schools or local church offers that can inspire and encourage you and lend a helping hand. 3.) Fill your mind with motivation. Invest in yourself by listening to great words of encouragement. It may come through books,speakers, music, seminars, but find something that is uplifting and keeps you wanting to move forward. Feeding your mind with positive words will help propel you forward and encourage someone else along the way!

   What YOU can't DO! YOU can't GIVE UP!! sometimes easier said than done, but it can be done. I have already told you surround yourself with positive motivation, feed on positive words. The world is already full enough with negativity, no need for you to keep adding to it! Get around some go-getters! Get around some people with the "I'm not quitting" attitude. They may tell you they have failed many times but they didn't give up!! Do your research and look at many successful people who had many failures but didn't quit! Take the focus off of you for a moment and you will see you are living for so many others. People that may never say anything to you but they are watching everything you do, they know if you don't give up ,they CAN'T either! Now is not the time to call it quits! As long as you are still breathing you always have something to offer someone else! As long as you are still breathing you have another chance to MAKE IT HAPPEN! The only one stopping you IS YOU!! No more delays, and for goodness sake stop telling that testimony from twenty years ago!! Give people a fresh word ! A fresh vision! A fresh DREAM! People are waiting on you for a NEW FRESH sound, so you might as well let it be YOU!

  So Ms Sondra Sayz you can't hold onto your past, God has so much more for you with a great BIG future! You can't remain STUCK, move forward and get involved in things that make you happy ,that brings a sense of fulfillment and can bless you and others. Finally You can't GIVE UP on your vision and dreams, you can't Give up on others and YOU can't give up on GOD, because HE sure isn't giving up on YOU! Be Blessed.

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