Wednesday, May 15, 2013


 This morning I received a very special phone call from my Auntie in Connecticut. She called to tell me she went to morning prayer at church and during the morning inspiration the speaker stated that they read the posts that I place on facebook. That the posts are very encouraging and helped to get them through some difficult times and to keep standing and believing God's Word. Of course I was blown away because no way did I think someone thousands of miles away in another state early in the morning would quote something that I wrote on facebook. My Aunt proceeded to encourage me to keep on writing, keep on posting because people do read and people are encouraged to stand and believe God's Word. I'm telling you that made my entire day. God took out the time to remind me that what I do for Him does matter, it is valuable and it does help to make a positive difference in someone's life.

That is all this brief blog is today. I'm just taking a moment to remind you that You DO MATTER and nothing that you do for God goes unnoticed. You may never get a thank you from the people you see everyday but God is taking notes and He is recommending you highly. Why? because you decided to make someone elses day brighter instead of focusing on your current circumstances. You decided to show love even after you may have been hurt. You decided to share the love of Christ with a stranger that now has a little hope and a reason to keep living and pushing forward. Stop listening to those negative voices in your head or even sitting next to you, someone does appreciate the good things that you say and do and most importantly God loves what you do to help others.

I encourage you today get your second wind and keep on moving forward. You DO MATTER and no matter how small or great the task God is noticing you for your random acts of kindness. God does notice you paying off someone else's bill when you have your own bills to pay, God is noticing you taking care of someone else's children and you are wondering how you ended up with all of the responsibility that you didn't even sign up for. God just wanted to let you know you are on His mind and He is encouraging you to keep on being faithful. Keep showing up even when everything in that environment seems like it's not going to change. Teachers, you do make an impact on our youth, and what YOU DO DOES MATTER! Pastors, teachers,counselors, advisors, ministers, maitnenance workers, never think that you haven't done anything to break ground, that's what Satan wants you to think. The fact you haven't thrown in the towel is a winning attitude and everyday you defeat the negative stones that were laid to try and make you trip up!

Ms Sondra encourages you to stand, brush your shoulders off, shake yourself loose and cross that finish line strong, with power, authority and courage knowing that YOU DO MATTER! As a result someone's life will be saved, someone's life is being impacted for the better, someone will learn what it is to LOVE and LOVE without fear because you took the time to encourage them to get back up again, start from where they are and move forward because THEY'RE LIFE DOES MATTER!

Love you Much;

Lysondra J. Hardy MA,Ed.

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