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Love Your Way Through It!: Now What???!!!!

Love Your Way Through It!: Now What???!!!!: What a title for a blog right? Here we are in 2017, a brand new year , new resolutions, new vision boards, new revelations concerning our ne...

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Now What???!!!!

What a title for a blog right? Here we are in 2017, a brand new year , new resolutions, new vision boards, new revelations concerning our next move. And it is at that moment you must change how you think. You must tame your tongue not to repeat the same defeat from past failures. It's time to take control of what happens next in order to keep moving forward.

Now What? Now is not the time to rehearse the past, but focus on what's new in your life. And if there is nothing new in your life , then create a NEW!Innovation (Apostolic) happens all the time but if we become comfortable in just sustaining, we will never experience overflow. Sustaining is good for awhile but technically it's only good for transition and not promise. Too many of us have become comfortable trying to create big in a place that's only supposed to provide temporary status, which means temporary resources and supplies, which eventually runs out. So...Now What?

Now what did I do? I made a choice to take a big risk and follow God's voice. I decided to go out deeper and create a fresh start for my family and I . I relocated at the end of December 2016 to a place which actually has plenty of open space, and the resources necessary to expand, create and build , without the crowded fight or hostility.  Can God move you to a place of peace and cause your blessing to fall in your lap literally? Yes He can and He will. What many may call boring, or impossible, God says NOW WHAT?? name it, claim it, create it, build it! Talk about a fresh start, literally I'm experiencing this right now. God has given me a place I can grow and leave a great legacy.

So NOW WHAT? You have the greatest opportunity in 2017 to prosper forward or remain the same. You can choose to complain and see the same defeat from 2016  and the years' before  happen all over again. Will you make an excuse that it's too late? Or will you believe you can do ALL things and you will let nothing stop you from fulfilling your dreams. What will you do differently to create the results you're looking for? Notice I said create and not produce, because if you do not change what you are doing that's not bringing increase then your production line of thought is tainted with mundane and routine. If you're worried about what people think, say and do then the same things that happened previously , you will see again. But if you are ready to embrace change you will have to get off the shorelines of  familiar, safe and comfort to experience abundance and overflow. Which will require risk-taking and solid decision making!

Now What? You have the power to choose now what will be NEXT in your life. I say let your Now What be I started my own business! I say let your Now What be I finished high school, college, graduate school strong and on top! Let your Now What be I will take my health seriously and stop saying 'I'm gonna, I'm gonna! I'm gonna creates the viscous cycle of unfinished projects and repeated defeat. Let your Now What be I'm going to remain consistent by not taking on so much and learn to take on one or two things at a time. Yes I will confess , that has been me in the past, inconsistency, overwhelmed and not enough time, When I actually took on projects and assignments that were meant for 15 hands and not just two hands.

Ask yourself  Now What? Will people hear you give the same old stories in 2017 you think are making a change but all it is is recycled thought from 2016, 2015, 2014....because you didn't take the time to create something new to talk about. I've put some great things on my vision boards but if I'm not willing to invest into it by reviewing it, rehearsing it, speaking it, visualizing it and giving it a body to function in with proper execution it will just be pictures and words on the wall , looking good but, lifeless.

Don't let your NOW WHAT IN 2017, become now what I should've done.....????
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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Love Your Way Through It!: FRESH START!!!

Love Your Way Through It!: FRESH START!!!: Fresh Start By Lysondra J Hardy I could start off by saying "Get ready for the greatest turn around in your Life"! I also...


Fresh Start
By Lysondra J Hardy

I could start off by saying "Get ready for the greatest turn around in your Life"! I also could  say God is about to show great favor on your life and make every problem seemingly disappear. But that is not where I am going with the title of this blog. I will ask the question "How many of you are ready for a Fresh Start? A begin again?. Well surprise!!!! A Fresh Start begins when you make up in your mind to receive or desire nothing less than a fresh start!

Our fresh start begins when we want it too. Countless times we shout, run around the building, pass out because we hear the speaker say God is getting ready to give you a fresh start! But the problem still occurs when we have not renewed our mind to accept and do what it takes to walk in our Fresh Start. If we are claiming fresh start but are unwilling to change to maintain that fresh start we will re-live our past time and time again. We must become relentless and stubborn in refusing to go back to the way things were that only gave us countless visits to the cemetery of our old and dead mindsets. 

Be careful when you claim fresh start because it means you must become committed to putting the time into what it takes to walk in your new. Otherwise you will run the risk of making your old attractive enough into thinking that it still deserves a candlelight celebration. Fresh Start means not previously known or used. SEE your Fresh Start does not come recycled or slightly used. Fresh Start is something recently created and new. You are not using worn out methods to produce new ones. 

If you are praying for new opportunities, new relationships, new investments and new businesses, you must be willing to take on the mindset of fresh start and THINK NEW! Otherwise you will be  held hostage to your iniquitous thought patterns of failure, defeat, rejection and pain. Fresh start requires accountability and responsibility; without it a vicious cycle of repeat which brings defeat, continues to occur and once again you find yourself back at the same place of wavering and making familiar decisions, that you absolutely know renders the same unproductive passive results.

How can you have a Fresh Start you might ask? First the desire to change and want a fresh start is priority. You can't just say Fresh Start and not become it. It's time to put faith and action to it. What can you do differently? As a leadership and image consultant one thing I tell leaders do not become predictable. This will cause you to become routine and comfortable and not take risks which will lead to extinction. You must be willing to re-vamp and re-innovate to remain attractive to the masses and not become an old voice to a cluster of cubicles which close in and cut off new growth.

 I encourage you to not be afraid to embrace the process of Fresh Start. It will require hard work, hard effort and a new plan not to go back to the familiarity of yesterday. Is your Fresh Start here? Yes at any given moment you desire for it to be and you take ownership of it. If you want new , you must think new and become new. You must be willing to shift in order to receive new information and revelation. Fresh Start will require sacrifice and a way that is new and unfamiliar.Many may not choose a Fresh Start because it does requires change within oneself, but for those who are ready and committed to a Fresh Start will have the GREATEST TURNAROUND OF YOUR LIFE!

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QUOTE: No great achievement is ever made through a mind of mediocrity, THINK HIGHER! ~Lysondra J. Hardy~