Monday, February 18, 2013

Mean it this Time!

So many times in life we keep repeating the same things over and over again until we don't even believe what we're saying. One thing is for sure if we don't take ourselves seriously we can't expect anyone else too. How many times are we going to continuously set ourselves back and miss so many moments of Now? What is it going to take to finally wake up and not allow it to happen any longer? How many people will continue to get hurt which includes yourself from saying it and going back on your word? At one time your word meant somenthing ,but your repeated pattern of the old mindset has now proven action that they can no longer believe or support you.

This time say it! and Mean it! Your words mean something to someone. Stop making promises that you know you have no intentions of keeping. You know the only reason you said it in the first place, you thought it was something they wanted to hear. No it's time to be honest with yourself, and realize if you don't, you will lose the people you love, great networking relationships and most importantly yourself.  Let's be real the only reason we keep doing the same old meaningless, unproductive things, we just don't want to let go. It's all based on a DECISION. You have a choice to say what you mean and mean what you say or you have a choice to lie about everything because you gave an answer you know in your heart the desire to hold onto it is greater than the actions others are expecting to see.

In the movie "Flight" actor Denzel Washington, did not change or make a choice to change until he admitted who, what ,where and why. He admitted he was an alcoholic, he was a liar, and he hurt so many people, but it was after the fact he lost someone he truly loved and was at the brink of almost lying to save self. He wasn't free in his mind and actions until he freed himself by telling the truth and accepting responsibility. Most times we don't want to be held accountable for our actions and we hope everything will get swept under the rug and act like it never happened. But there is more to life than just you. There are many that love you but your actions are speaking opposite to what you're saying. What will it take for your words to mean something? Will it take you losing eveything and everyone before you MEAN WHAT YOU SAY? In the movie Flight, everyone had covered up his actual problem ,his disEASE TO KEEP HIM AT EASE. He lost everyone who actually loved him,including himself. It's time to make a decision in this moment whether is health related, relationship based, financial, family, work etc... take responsibility for your own actions and realize life is not all about satisfying you. When you make a decision MEAN IT THIS TIME.

Ms. Sondra

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Don't Let Life PASS you By!

I know what a title for this blog ,but so necessary for where you are to be in life now. Your past has no business in your now and it does not have granted access to walk with you towards your NOW future  The only legal access your past has and should remain is behind you. Now when I refer to your past I'm referring to your tomb of old memories that you tend to reminisce too often and as a result takes the place of your exact now moments in life. In essence this will leave you in a state of I should've, I could've, I wished I would've, I remember I used to...and holding on to this state of mind will leave you caught in a time that has already happened and will never return again. All the while your minutes of now are ticking by that contains the nourishment you need to maximize each moment and have life more abundantly. Even great memories can become a hinderance if we allow it to make decisions that will exclude our opportunies of creative nows.

Don't get stuck in the rearview mirror of PAST life trying to substitute it for your NOW moment of REAL life. The only purpose for your rearview mirror is to make sure that what is behind you stays behind you and it doesn't affect you when you move forward into your NOW! Stop allowing life to PASS you by while you allow the old memories of your PAST to miss Life. Your past if you allow it to, will always cause you to have your head looking back and paralyzed in time. But what you don't see is what's transpiring and transforming right in front of you that can add quality,great opportunities and value to your life. Even great past successes' can leave you stuck on an old blueprint that no longer works in your NOW. How much more power will you give your past to rule your now? How many more decisions will you make based on your past hurts and failuers? How many good people will you hurt because of your lust to hang onto past childhood experiences? Your past doesn't deserve that kind of power you give it on a daily basis. Some of you are married to some really loving and great people but you won't allow them to love you because you never left the tomb of old memories in your mind to let them in to be who they need to be in your life.

Stop saying you are not worthy or feel you are not qualified because of your past experiences. The only thing the past has come to talk about is what has already been and come and gone. The past knows no other language except past tense. The moment you allow your past to rule your now,
is the moment you begin dying. You deserve to live, you deserve to enjoy each moment you are given, and you deserve to experience the BEST moments that life has to offer if you make a choice to take advantage of it. Some of you are dating right now, but you keep bringing skeleton bones of your past on the date with you. You rather consult with an old memory what you should do next in your relationship because your past fears of failures,heartaches, heartbreaks and betrayals has held you hostage and robbed you from experiencing LOVE without restrictions. Today MsSondra sayz it's time to let go and LIVE today. Time that contains your moments of NOW are continuing to pass by unnoticed and unfulfilled because your past has already given it a death sentence to only exist in an old memory of fear of the new.

Ms Sondra Sayz don't let life PASS you by because of your past. Your best days are here and now if you want it to be. It starts with a choice, and a decision to change your mindset and posture your body to move forward letting go of those old memories that have left you stuck,paralyzed and at death's door in your mind. Begin to celebrate each step you make in the right direction and connect with people who are where you need to be. Read literature that will help to inhance your mind and curve your appetite to experience the good things in life and teach you to enjoy your moments of NOW. The Word of God (The Bible) is my favorite to remind me of who I am, who's I am ,that my past is now over and I can have the BEST life NOW and not wait until I get to heaven to enjoy it. Don't let life pass you by. LIVE NOW!

Ms SondraSayz

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