Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Everbody Can't Go!!

    As we get ready to end 2010 with a huge bang and proceed into 2011, we must make sure that we are traveling light. We must take the time in these next three days to complete whatever God has instructed us to take care of since the beginning of the year. It's nothing worse than to enter into a new year stuck or we've procrastinated so much that we do not complete our tasks.

   Now for many of us God has instructed us to get rid of some people,delete certain phone numbers and delete them as our facebook friends, but for some reason we've hesitated. Let's see what can some of our reasons be, 1. I don't want to hurt their feelings 2. I don't want to be alone 3. That's my money source or my eight ball corner pocket. 4. What will people think or say about me? 5. I'm just going to be disobedient, in other words I want to change, but I'm not ready to let go.  Do you hear some of our excuses? We are literally holding ourselves back from receiving the Best from God. Many of us want our cake and eat it too! Sorry it will not work.

  God is bringing into order everything that is out of order. The days of being a laxidasical weak christian are over. God is calling His warriors to the front line. Satan has intensified his attacks against the Kingdom through media,government and relationships and so much more. Now is not the time for us to retreat or sit back hoping it will die down or go away. Now is the time for the Saints of the Most High God to Rise Up and take authoritative Positions against Satan and his emphs.

  Which leads me to my final points, to stay focused God requires your total attention. Always remember God is a jealous. God will not have any other gods before Him. So let's ask ourselves these questions? Who or what has taken our time and attention that has lead us away from God's perfect Will? Who or what has literally drained our time and attention from us in a negative way? Who or what has caused you to drift backwards to the point you find yourself picking up old ways and habits? What relationships are you in that God did not ordain, but you stay in it to please them or other people ? Who or what are you holding onto that is literally leaving you broke,busted and disgusted? Well today you need to make up in your mind not to enter into 2011 holding on to excess baggage. One thing about excess baggage on the airlines it cost extra to fly it. Why are you going to pay extra for mess you don't need to take on the journey with you.

   All of us have things or people we need to let go for the final time and not take it or them any further. For many of you spiritually you have outgrown your so called circle spiritually and not to feel like you know more then them or make them feel insecure you surpress your giftings and just go along with the crowd. Now who told you to do that? It is a clear indication if you are the smartest person in your so called circle then your season has passed and you need to move forward and be connected to the right people God has ordained for your life. Stop trying to make people lifetime commitments that were only meant to stay in your life for a season. Let it Go! God has so much more but He can't reveal it all to you until you let go of what He has told you to release out of your life. Some stuff we have held onto too long that it has caused us to become sick,or even disconnected from the truth or even reality.

    Let's not go into a new year burdened down ,stressed out and held back. Realize everybody can't go where God is taking you and for a season or two God may want you to walk alone so He can minister to you and get you prepared to share a new testimony. There are some big dreams and big promises He has made you but first you have to let go, and Let God. MsSondraSayz Everybody can't go!! Let's enter into 2011 lighter,stress free and ready to walk into all God has promised.