Monday, April 15, 2013

Rejection Can't Stop You!

  As I'm writing this blog I am truly reminded it was the rejection of others that pushed and propelled me into destiny. Why? Because I made a choice not to allow the negative impact of words define who God says I am in Him. I'm not sure what path you had to take in order to get where you are now,but if you decided to take the road to greatness you know that it is no easy task to stay on that road and remain focused on the positive.
  Of course and I will speak from personal experiences.There were plenty of times I wanted to throw in the towel and give up ,but God Himself wouldn't allow me to. I was surrounded by others who didn't just let me sit there and succumb to negative and hateful words from others. Sometimes an encouraging word or a reminder of who God says you are can make a significant difference in your next decision for life's destiny. These words  "Nobody said that the road would be easy" are so true. Be careful of people who always look for the easy way out or the easy road up. One thing when God has called you and anointed you it's not just for a purpose, but it's to establish a legacy and birth the next three and four generations through you. You have been chosen to represent the Kingdom of God . The DNA of Jesus Christ and what His blood can do to eradicate any corrupt blood cell that can damage your bloodline's future. You are important to God and no matter what anyone says or thinks about you negatively God has never stopped loving you or accepting you, REJECTION CAN'T STOP YOU!
  One thing that get's on my nerves are Pharisee's and Sadducee hypocritical spirits that take the Word of God to manipulate and control others into condemnation, bondage, loss of love and hope. They love to make you feel rejected and that you will never be good enough to fit into God's plan. The heathen's are liars and that is not God's truth. Some of you right now were called to do great ministry work for the Kingdom of God but there were people assigned to make you feel unloved and rejected and you believed them because most of your attacks are up close and personal. Let me say this in all caps, THAT WORD WAS NOT SENT FROM GOD"! He forgave you the moment you confessed it. Now it's time to forgive yourself and move forward into God's perfect will for you. Rom. 12:2
   For some of you the rejection from others came as a result of jealousy, insecurity and resentment. Many can see where you're going and don't want you to find out where you are supposed to be. Some of you are suffering rejection from a father, mother, friends, church folk, just to name a few because in their mind you are not good enough to fit into their plan, or the CALL on your life will disrupt too much of their traditional ritualistic plans. I encourage you today "REJECTION CANNOT STOP YOU"! The World hated and rejected Jesus but it did not stop Him from fulfilling the prophecies of scripture foretold. He died so you can live and have LIFE more abundantly. He came and died so we can have right relationship through Him with God the Father. God has never rejected you and he wanted you to know today He has never changed His mind about you. You are important to Him and no matter what you've done, no matter what others think you should be, or what you even think about yourself, God has always seen you as His best masterpiece!
   I have been pregnant without marriage, divorced, rejected ,but God never changed His mind about me, even though I was made to feel by others this would be all I would succumb to. God gave me a Word and I have never let go of that Word and that Word has made me an over comer and more than a Conqueror. He will do the same for you. Just to name a few I am now working on my Doctorate, I am a Minister, All of my girls are on the honor roll and dean's list, I'm an Empowerment and Motivational Speaker and I released my first book in 2011. I believed what God's Word says about me and not the rejection of others.Today make the decision to kill the power of rejection in your life. Know that YOU DESERVE THE BEST, GOD'S BEST! It is time for you to RISE UP and move forward in power,authority and a sound mind knowing God loves you, He is with you and HIS plan will work in your life. "Rejection Can't Stop You"!

Much Love;

Lysondra J Hardy  MA.Ed J. Hardy

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