Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Eye Of The TIGER!!!

    It never ceases to amaze me what God will use to minister to me. One night as MsSondra was preparing to unwhined and get ready to go to sleep ,MsSondra started to flip through the channels on television. Right now MsSondra is on a fast so she has to be careful what she watches. MsSondra decided to stop on the movie Rocky 3. Now normally this would not spark MsSondra's interest even though she has seen all the Rocky movies but the Holy Spirit said "Stay right there and watch the rest of the movie" .
   During the beginnig of the movie Rocky Balboa was Heavy Weight Champion of the world.He was famous,doing very well financially,you can say he had it all. But he was oblivious to the fact he had an enemy who was preparing to rise up against him. We know him as "Mr. T" the mohawk wearing, mean look,trash talking tough guy. Well while Rocky was celebrating and not taking his next big fight seriously ,his  rival was showing up at his previous fights learning and mastering his techniques. His rival was developing strategic ways to overcome Rocky. Not to mention Rocky ignored the advice of his coach telling him this next one is quote unquote "A Killer" Don't take him lightly, he's not like the others. He is hungry for the title and you are not prepared to beat him,cancel the fight. Of course Rocky didn't listen and continued to train the same way as always. When Rocky and "Mr. T" met for the first time in the ring "Mr. T"(rival) knew he was so well prepared to take on Rocky. He knew he was going to take the title right from under him literally. "Mr. T" came in the ring talking much trash and looked Rocky square in the eye and said you're "Dead Meat". Rocky couldn't even look him in the eye. When Mr. T went back to his corner he said I can smell the fear, I'm going to kill him and that's exactly what he did. Total knockout! (TKO)
    What is MsSondra saying; many of us are trying to face our enemies with the same old techniques not realizing our enemies have watched us for years, learning our secret techniques,secret codes,habits and patterns. They know what time we pray,where we sit,how and what we eat,what time we work out,how we work out,they have literally mastered our techniques,developed some of their own and are now using it against us to take us out. Most organizations are destroyed from the inside out,not outside in. Somehow we have let our guard down to the point we became comfortable in our fight. When you face your enemy and your enemy knows he has studied you so well he can tell you, you're weak and full of fear, it's time for serious change.
    As the movie continued Rocky not only lost the fight,he lost his title and his close friend and trainer. Rocky began to give up and didn't want to fight anymore, until one of his former opponents "Apollo" came to him and said "It's not over for you" ! You can beat him but not with what you have now. "You must go back to the beginning" The Eye of The TIGER"! You must get your edge back. Apollo stated the reason you beat me Rocky you had the eye of the tiger. You were hungry for the win and you prepared strategically to beat me. Apollo stated and "I'm going to teach you some new techniques that will give you the victory. We can win together."
    As the movie ended Rocky and Mr. T met once again for the title.At first it seemed like Mr T. was going to have another easy win,but Rocky kept stating "I know what I'm doing" .People were shouting stop the fight!Stop the fight!Rocky said no,I know what I'm doing. Rocky in actuality was wearing his enemy out to the point when Rocky came at him ,he came so strong his enemy was too worn out to keep going at the same pace and eventually Rocky won the fight.
   In this season God is looking for those who can endure through the storm. Many of us miss the lesson God is trying to teach us because we're waiting for God to remove the storm and God is saying No; there are some things I need you to learn in the storm so that you can master the storm and you can tell it when to cease.We can't command something to stop if we don't recognize 1. Who we are and 2. the authority we walk in. Rocky could not defeat his enemy until he went back and remembered who he was and what made him such a skilled fighter and heavy weight champion in the first place. It was the EYE OF THE TIGER ,the cutting edge ,that led him to victory each time. This time Rocky trained with Apollo his former rival and learned not only to handle the attacks,but to allow the attacks to make him angry enough to endure it and use it to Rise up and take out his rival. He mastered his storm!
   It's time for us to go back to the beginning where we had that cutting edge. For some of us we have become to comfortable and predictable in our spiritual warfare. Switch up ! Try something New!! Park somewhere different.Pray different! Renew your MIND! Change your seat in church. Dress differently,think different,talk different. We have allowed our enemy too much access and become too predictable to the point your enemy(rivals) can tell you what you will do next, and what they are going to do to you! Guess what, if you are not prepared,they are going to have total victory time and time again over you, using what they've learned from guess who? YOU. (SMH)
   MsSondra sayz in this season DO not be afraid to watch your enemies,because they are not afraid to watch you and what you are doing. God may assign you right in the middle of the enemy's camp, but do not fear and do not say this isn't God. You are there on assignment to 1. Be a light in a dark place 2. to learn strategic ways that will enhance your skills 3.pray for the lost to be saved 4. realize who you are in the midst of choas so you can master your storm,look at it eye to eye and YOU tell it to cease! But it will not cease until you realize who you are! As Pastor Powell from New Birth Augusta stated " You cannot give up on what your destiny has called you to do!" MsSondra sayz it's time for you to rise up and REMEMBER  WHO you are "THE EYE OF THE TIGER"!! THE CUTTING EDGE !! It's TAKE OVER TIME! IT'S TOTAL VICTORY TIME AND YOUR ENEMIES ARE GOING TO PAVE THE WAY FOR YOU TO PURSUE,OVERTAKE AND RECOVER ALL!!

Be Blessed;