Tuesday, April 12, 2011


         As MsSondraSayz attended her daughters colorguard exhibit show, there was something very significant that took place. All of the students did an outstanding job, but there was something very special about this one particular band that absolutely stood out. The members of the band begin to say these words "We Must Become One" One! "We Must Become One"! One! As the band said this, they started to formulate together as one and suddenly begin to move as one while they played their instruments. It was incredible! The band played with such power,precision and unity. You could literally feel the power hit the stands as they performed. This reminded me of the word that my Bishop Long speaks to us on a continuous basis "As One We Win"!

       Mssondra encourages you to unite your forces for total victory. We must realize the strategic aim of the enemy is to present 1. Distractions 2. Seperation. The enemy knows there is power in unity. Notice Mssondra didn't say in numbers. You can have 10,000 people and everyone has their own agenda,own plans and mindset and nothing gets accomplished except confusion,mess, frustration and eventually seperation.But you can have a group of three hundred that have the same mindset,same agenda and believing in the same plan to get more accomplished with strategic power.

       What is MsSondra saying; The band gave a command "We Must Become One"! One! The band didn't ask ,they told you in order to have great success, to move forward, to be a united front and have great power "We Must Become One"!  God is giving us the command to unite our forces together. The problem with most, we have gotten caught on labels of religion that we miss the true intent of what God is after and that is relationship with Him through His Son Jesus the Christ. God wants us to form healthy united relationships. To pray as one,to win the lost as one,to have total victory as one. Now as the band formulated together there was one leader that the band continuously followed,but you had to really pay attention to see it because they moved so strategically together as one they blendid in with the leader. That's how God wants us to become with Him. We are moving and becoming so one with Him and He with us, that when people see us they see the God in us so strong and so united it's hard to diffrentiate the two.

      Many times in life we feel it's our time or it's safe for us to venture out on our own because someone else said so or we feel we received a deep revelation and we take flight and leave the formation.But we must discern the times and hear the call. Now is not the time to leave the pack or to become a one man or one woman show or form our own coalition. Now is the time for us to rise up together as One to strategically win. Again the band gave a command "We Must Become One" One! In this season it is not about feelings,or personal opinions or viewpoints,it's about becoming strategically positioned to gain total victory in every area of our lives and over the enemy (Satan). If the band members decided not to heed to the command to come together and went off playing and doing their own thing it would have been one huge disaster and disappointment. How many of you Jesus has been reaching out to you to accpet Him as your personal savior and become one and yet refuse to listen and continue to do your own thing.It could be God is saying you have the resources necessary to help a certain church, business or youth group but because of a certain belief  you haven't made a step forward to help,knowing that God has burdened your heart to reach out and take action. Don't wait for a worldwide disaster to happen when God is commanding you to unite now.

    MsSondra sayz God is pleased when we dwell together in unity as it says in His Word (ps.133:1) and in this season and in these times we must adhere to the command that God is continuously giving us today "We Must Become One" One"! Together we Will Win! Be Blessed.