Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Just Start Over!

Many times in life we waste time trying to re-live a moment that has already passed and completely over. There is a danger to keep re-living the rehearsed or recreate the experienced. It can cause us to remain paralyzed and slip into an arena of comfort and routine. Everyone wants to try and get the parking space that is close by the door because it presents easy access and less work to get to the entrance.That's how some of us are today, we feel thaere is just too much work in starting over so we are trying to re-inhance what's already in place and expecting some different great result. The answer is No, there comes a time in our lives when we just need to start over. As my Apostle Eddie L. Long  stated"We need a New Genesis, A new beginning." Apostle Long went on to explain that some of us back in the day, had the toy Etch a Sketch, I know I did. I would play with that toy for hours. The beautiful thing about the etch a sketch if you messed up all you had to do is shake it up and start over. Some of us need to shake ourselves up ,dust ourselves off and start again. We can't expect a huge major breakthrough living off an old word or a worn out idea. If technology evolves every 18 months to 2 years , why are we hanging onto something that went out with cd roms. Could it be our answer is just as simple as starting over again. Erasing what we had and create something new. Yes it could be just that simple.

Today make a choice not to hang onto five years ago or even yesterday, shake your mistakes loose.You may have to create a new blueprint because the old one is outdated, return back to school, create new music because what you had before doesn't speak to your NOW!JUST START OVER! I'm working on a new on stage play, now of course I have a folder full of written productions ready to go, but I heard God tell me over a month ago start over. I thought to myself ,hey this is some good hard work put into this I don't want it wasted. I had to make up in my mind either go with the flow of where my NOW is or stay stuck on yesterdays memories.Some may critcize you for going back to the beginning , but look at it as starting fresh from where you are now. Some will be too lazy to create new, just kindly remove yourself from their presence and surround yourself with people who are not afraid to go beyond the parking level of comfort. Connect with people willing to take the road less traveled, and don't be embarrassed to start again. Great masterminds always keep a note pad by their side to write down fresh new ideas or witty new inventions. For some it may relate to relationships, a new adventure may be what's missing to spice up the marriage, or friendship. Every friday you may cook fish and watch a movie, but this time maybe go go- cart riding and eat some fresh tacos. Whatever it takes to shake that old routine from placing your creativity in an early grave; do it. 

Ms. Sondra says, many will not want to travel with you to a new place of MIND. It's okay, stay focused and keep moving forward, by the time you turn around some will be walking or moving right behind you. Today start fresh, start New, Just Start Over!

God Bless;

Lysondra J. Hardy

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Monday, August 13, 2012

"They Got IT"!!

   On the beginning of last week my oldest daughter started experiencing excrutiating headaches and pain in her neck area. I told her she could be dehydrated drink lots of water, and take a couple of ibuprofen. (Look at me giving her man's remedy). Each day her condition became worse. Early Wednesday afternoon, she said "Mom, feel the left side of my neck". When I reached my hand out to touch her neck you can feel her glands were very swollen and stiff. It felt like her thyroid glands were about to burst through the side of her neck.

   Later on that evening my daughter and I attended Wednesday night empowerment service, and our Bishop Eddie L. Long taught on "There Must Be Evidence". Toward's the end of the service Bishop Long told people to come down to the altar, already believeing that they were healed. As Bishop Long layed hands on my daughter's neck ,her faith to know she was already healed produced infalliable truths ( proof)!! As my daughter sat up she began weeping uncontrollably saying ,"Mom it's Gone" the lump is gone!! She said feel; as I reached out my hand to touch where the lump was , there was nothing there! Her neck was normal again and she stated her headache was gone! This was major for her,mind you my daughter is only 20, but her faith in God is maturing. 

   What am I saying, God is raising up a people , a generation, that are not concerned with traditions. They can careless about what media is portraying and the negative things others are saying. They want the power of God to manifest in their life. They want to experience the Kingdom of God right now while living here on earth. While you are concerned about what someone is wearing, or if they have too many tattoos or rings in their nose or ears, God is moving and demonstrating His power through those you least expect. Why , because "They Got It'! They said YES to paying the cost to walk in that kind of Glory. They have made a decision to preach the word,live the word, walk in the word, die for the word. So while you are trying to form committees and having pikiting demonstrations because you are stuck on the who should or should not preach, God is continuing to move from Glory to Glory, demonstrating His power around the world.

  I can only speak to you from what I know. I am part of a prayer call that has grown to connect with people around the world and it is continuing to change so many people's lives . I am a single parent of three daughters one in college, two in high school and I can't began to even discuss the favor that follows them everywhere, it would take all day and then some. As for my daughter's I don't have to tell them to get on the prayer call , they call in themselves. They have faith to believe NOW for their own testimony to tell others. "They GOT IT"! And there are many others around the world that understand it's not about a man , but about God's glory being demonstrated on the earth. It's the power of Christ revealed in US.

 As I end this blog, ask yourself the question, is there demonstration in the words you speak ? I'm not talking about another hit record, or something that get's YOU noriety. I'm talking about God's glory revealed in you in such a way ,there is no way the God in you can be denied. I caution you not to be like the wicked servants who had a list of things they stated they did in Jesus's name but never had love or relationship with him or for people. God wants His glory revealed in us as a daily way of living. To raise the dead, heal the sick, open the eyes of the blind, the lame to walk should not be an unusual lifestyle, but a part of our daily Kingdom living. Ms Sondra Sayz it's time out for needless traditons that keep us bound and missing the mark. This generation of people "That Got it' are on the move and are on fire for the demonsration of God's glory through His word. They are not going to look like you, act like you, or talk like you if you are caught up in the untransformation of your mind. This generation of people simply believe, then act and EXPECT!

With Love;

Lysondra Ms Sondra Sayz Hardy

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Team Legacy Leaver Lupus Walk Atlanta 2012

My Animoto Video

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

What YOU Can't DO!!

  Alright enough is enough! No one wants to play into your self pity party anymore. No more sad songs,no more sleepless nights, no more talking and re-hashing old memories that have been buried long ago and yet you show up to the cemetery everyday with a shovel ready to dig IT back up again!! It's time to let it GO! What YOU can't do is keeping holding on to your PAST! The only thing your rear view mirror is good for is looking back for a moment to make sure what's behind you doesn't interfere with what's in front of you. The rear view mirror was not designed  for you to constantly look into it while you are living in your present and moving forward into your future.  YOU can't allow negativity, old dead relationships,past mistakes,or any hindrances keep riding with you in the front seat of your life expecting greatness to overtake you. It won't happen. The sad thing is ,God has sent great wonderful life-filled people to you ,but your memories of yesterday killed them all. Now you have these skeletons taking up space that brings no life and adds nothing to your future. Today I declare to you,NO MORE! Let it GO ! Move FORWARD!

    What YOU can't DO, You Can't remain STUCK! Have you ever been in a situation that seemed like it dragged on forever. You wonder when in the world will THIS be over? It seems like you can't move forward and you know you can't go backwards, so for the meantime you feel STUCK? I've been there plenty of times,but I had to find other positive avenues that occupied my mind and my time. 1.) Do something nice for someone else. Sometimes we are too focused on our circumstance or situation and we can become overwhelmed. Now is the time to take your energy and pour it into helping someone else. 2.) Get involved. What is it you love to do. Find something active that will bring you joy and help you to release somethings you may have become frustrated about. There are plenty of free activities that possibly your community,  schools or local church offers that can inspire and encourage you and lend a helping hand. 3.) Fill your mind with motivation. Invest in yourself by listening to great words of encouragement. It may come through books,speakers, music, seminars, but find something that is uplifting and keeps you wanting to move forward. Feeding your mind with positive words will help propel you forward and encourage someone else along the way!

   What YOU can't DO! YOU can't GIVE UP!! sometimes easier said than done, but it can be done. I have already told you surround yourself with positive motivation, feed on positive words. The world is already full enough with negativity, no need for you to keep adding to it! Get around some go-getters! Get around some people with the "I'm not quitting" attitude. They may tell you they have failed many times but they didn't give up!! Do your research and look at many successful people who had many failures but didn't quit! Take the focus off of you for a moment and you will see you are living for so many others. People that may never say anything to you but they are watching everything you do, they know if you don't give up ,they CAN'T either! Now is not the time to call it quits! As long as you are still breathing you always have something to offer someone else! As long as you are still breathing you have another chance to MAKE IT HAPPEN! The only one stopping you IS YOU!! No more delays, and for goodness sake stop telling that testimony from twenty years ago!! Give people a fresh word ! A fresh vision! A fresh DREAM! People are waiting on you for a NEW FRESH sound, so you might as well let it be YOU!

  So Ms Sondra Sayz you can't hold onto your past, God has so much more for you with a great BIG future! You can't remain STUCK, move forward and get involved in things that make you happy ,that brings a sense of fulfillment and can bless you and others. Finally You can't GIVE UP on your vision and dreams, you can't Give up on others and YOU can't give up on GOD, because HE sure isn't giving up on YOU! Be Blessed.

Ms. Sondra Sayz
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