Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Just Start Over!

Many times in life we waste time trying to re-live a moment that has already passed and completely over. There is a danger to keep re-living the rehearsed or recreate the experienced. It can cause us to remain paralyzed and slip into an arena of comfort and routine. Everyone wants to try and get the parking space that is close by the door because it presents easy access and less work to get to the entrance.That's how some of us are today, we feel thaere is just too much work in starting over so we are trying to re-inhance what's already in place and expecting some different great result. The answer is No, there comes a time in our lives when we just need to start over. As my Apostle Eddie L. Long  stated"We need a New Genesis, A new beginning." Apostle Long went on to explain that some of us back in the day, had the toy Etch a Sketch, I know I did. I would play with that toy for hours. The beautiful thing about the etch a sketch if you messed up all you had to do is shake it up and start over. Some of us need to shake ourselves up ,dust ourselves off and start again. We can't expect a huge major breakthrough living off an old word or a worn out idea. If technology evolves every 18 months to 2 years , why are we hanging onto something that went out with cd roms. Could it be our answer is just as simple as starting over again. Erasing what we had and create something new. Yes it could be just that simple.

Today make a choice not to hang onto five years ago or even yesterday, shake your mistakes loose.You may have to create a new blueprint because the old one is outdated, return back to school, create new music because what you had before doesn't speak to your NOW!JUST START OVER! I'm working on a new on stage play, now of course I have a folder full of written productions ready to go, but I heard God tell me over a month ago start over. I thought to myself ,hey this is some good hard work put into this I don't want it wasted. I had to make up in my mind either go with the flow of where my NOW is or stay stuck on yesterdays memories.Some may critcize you for going back to the beginning , but look at it as starting fresh from where you are now. Some will be too lazy to create new, just kindly remove yourself from their presence and surround yourself with people who are not afraid to go beyond the parking level of comfort. Connect with people willing to take the road less traveled, and don't be embarrassed to start again. Great masterminds always keep a note pad by their side to write down fresh new ideas or witty new inventions. For some it may relate to relationships, a new adventure may be what's missing to spice up the marriage, or friendship. Every friday you may cook fish and watch a movie, but this time maybe go go- cart riding and eat some fresh tacos. Whatever it takes to shake that old routine from placing your creativity in an early grave; do it. 

Ms. Sondra says, many will not want to travel with you to a new place of MIND. It's okay, stay focused and keep moving forward, by the time you turn around some will be walking or moving right behind you. Today start fresh, start New, Just Start Over!

God Bless;

Lysondra J. Hardy

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