Monday, March 21, 2011

He wants Relationship! Not Religion.

      In February MsSondra was afforded the opportunity to travel to Northern California for the first time. Actually MsSondra was on assignment to help conduct workshops on unity and family so I thought, but when Ms Sondra arrived plans changed to teaching on religion. HHHmmm,didn't understand why at first God decided to swing this way but nevertheless MsSondra continued to flow in His leading and she is so glad she did.
     The first day of the workshops went very well. There were college students there that face the battle of religious ideaologies on a daily basis. So much exposure to what man says is true, versus what the Word of God says. Some were confused to whom God really is. What's truth and what's not? As the other facilitator was teaching MsSondra was praying for insight and wisdom to say and do the right things and not be so deep that no one understands what she is saying .When it was MsSondra turn to speak she started out by saying this "Where did the term think outside of the box come from"? When did God ever say there was a box? As humans, when we can't comprehend or make sense of something that is not tangible,or can see, or we feel it's to broad of a spectrum we tend to place a label on it. Something that is understandable in our limited mind of thinking. The only reason we tend to use the statement "Think outside the Box" we have already placed boundaries on what can be done within our own limitations. All God said to do was simply believe. God says with Him all things are possible,just believe, have faith.
    It's the same process with religion. Where did all of these different beliefs emerge from and who says they are important? With all of these different labels of religion has it unified us ?or kept us seperate? Let's look at this from a Kingdom perspective. Now when Jesus came all he presented was the Kingdom. Jesus never put a spiritual religious label on who He was. He said " I am, The Way ,The Truth and the Life No one comes to the Father (God) except through me." Many of us call this Christianity ,Jesus called it the Kingdom Way. No label. In order to accept Jesus Christ all you have to do Is confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that God has raised Him(Jesus) from the dead you shal be saved.(Rom. 10:9) There is no religious title or label to that again only Kingdom along with faith.
  As the workshops continued The Holy Spirit begin to lead me to talk about relationship. Christ wants a relationship with you,not a religious luncheon. Jesus can care less about what your religious background is and the plethra of scriptures you have memorized if it's not rooted in love and building relationships. Think about how many people we have hurt because they didn't follow our doctrinated homeade rules and regulations. How many people did we run back into the streets because they didn't wear a dress or a suit to church. Let's do a self evaluation right quick,what do you think Jesus Christ is more interested in; the one soul that feels disconnected from him and you have the gifting inside of you that can draw that person closer to Christ, or the man made rules that are so strict that love has no place to reside in your order.
     Let's get one thing straight,God is after relationship and not religion. The divine order is getting us back to right relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ The Kingdom Way. All of this other religious order is irrelevant.Case in point,there was a young lady who's married,her husband is baptist and she's penecostal. They stopped going to church together because of their different religious view points and it caused them to get in arguments. By the time MsSondra finished teaching on Relationship and how Christ wants to love you and not religion she was able to heal and realize what she needed to start doing concerning her husband. She stated "I can now go to church with my husband and understand it's not about the religious order but God's love through relationship".
   Point #2 another gentleman came into our workshop. MsSondra knew from the way he walked in; there was a test to pass. By the time we finished teaching on God's love and His main priority is relationship,the gentleman begin to share with us that he had been so badly hurt and disappointed by religious folk he placed a wall or barrier up around him. The gentleman stated he came to test us to see if we were like all the other religious folk that he had bad encounters with. After hearing what we were teaching on he said he can heal now. The gentleman stated "I thought I came out here to teach workshops but now I realize God sent me here to be healed" .
  As Ms Sondra closes out, she asks you the following questions, What are you doing to build healthy loving relationships? Are the words you teaching and speaking so influential that people yearn to draw closer to Christ because of the Love that is displayed through you? Does your life exemplify that of Christ where what you do and say builds their faith to believe in love again,to develop their own relationship with Him and to empower others. Again MsSondra is not talking about religions that have so kept us apart from being unified. God desires relationship with you through His Son Jesus The Christ, The Kingdom way. MsSondraSayz in this season let's focus on building healthy, unified, loving relationships Christs way. That's Love ya'll.


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