Friday, June 24, 2011


     Okay what do you do when all mess breaks loose? You turn to your right there is mess. You turn to your left there is mess. Your so called friends are now your adversaries. The ones you thought would be there in your defense are now on the other side with the prosecuters. What hurts the most, the main ones you've done the most for are now demanding your very life. Or even better your haters that you never did anything for, have made a choice to not like you and you know most of the time the reasons are they see the greatness in you and where you are going, now they are causing mess with you.
    You know it's funny when you began to change for the better and you really make up in your mind to start doing the right thing, that's when you are hated the most. Expect opposition and division when you preach the Kingdom. Expect people to walk away from you and not support you when you make a decision to be Kingdom minded and not religious minded. Expect to be made a spectacle of when you choose to Love Your way through It like Jesus did,instead of arguing and fighting back and forth like the religious sects.
   Jesus was falsely accused all the time,even to the point they called Him Beezelbub (Devil). Guess who called Him the devil ,religious judgemental  folk. For instance ,Jesus preached the Kingdom and because of this the Pharisees plotted how they might kill Jesus. Wait a minute, you mean to tell me the main ones that should be supporting Jesus,the quote unquote spiritual fathers of the law of Moses had murder in their hearts and were relentless even to the point of scheming up charges against Jesus? No ,it can't be. But yes it's true. Dying on the cross was part of the plan ,but guess who were the main ones to help get Jesus there, "I'll take "What is A Pharasiee and religious sect for 200.00 Alex"   ?
    Okay ,maybe you don't believe me so let MsSondra show you in the Word of God, Luke 23:13-25. Jesus was brought before Pilate by the high priests,rulers and others that accused Him of disturbing the peace.Hhhmm funny because we always sing or preach Jesus is the Prince of Peace. Even though they kept trying to bring false accusations, Pilate kept saying I find no fault in this man. Even Herod found no fault in Jesus, yet religious folk kept plotting and scheming lies against Jesus to the point they won the approval of the crowd to let a murderer go free and put Jesus to death. What do you do when the whole crowd rather justify a lie, rather than remember your good track record that speaks truth for itself ?
    Mssondra remembers when the bracelet WWJD (What Would Jesus Do)? was very popular. Some of us may still wear them. But let's think for a moment What did Jesus do? He remained silent even to the point of death. Some may question Well if you didn't do these things why don't you defend yourself? Why don't you fight? Why is Jesus settling ? Ask yourself why didn't Jesus appeal His case? Jesus knew His purpose was to die on the cross but in the ultimate end He would have the victory.
    MsSondra came to encourage you today to remain focused on the ultimate victory. Many lies,accusations and false accusers will come to try and distract you from your ultimate purpose that you were designed for. If we are going to be like Jesus, then walk the walk don't just talk the talk. Be careful of the songs you sing and the messages you preach wanting to be more like Him because it will come with persecution,humiliation,and being treated like an outcast. For some of you I just messed up your whole image of your sweet Jesus you had in your mind. WWJD? He remained silent,stayed focused and fulfilled every prophecy spoken so that we could have right relationship with God through Jesus Christ and receive power to accomplish those things we are assigned to do. He died for Relationship,not religion. Jesus didn't just think about himself in the moment,He looked at you and I and said for this reason I came to fulfill my purpose. Jesus mind was focused on the generations to come. Jesus was the Word sent and made manifest in the flesh. The Word was beaten,spit upon,lied to and lied on,betrayed,bashed harshly and many walked away from the truth of the Word in order to indulge in the pleasures of the world or not to stick out in a crowd.You know what I mean, people are okay with the Word until it affects their image or may cause them to lose status quo.
  MsSondra says don't focus on the moment but look at the outcome long term. Ask yourself the question why are you being persecuted so harshly? What is it about you that religious sects and others devise lies to try and destroy you? This only means that what God has placed in you is so valuable and so awesome to the Kingdom. You are a change agent, a disturbor  or destroyer of the norm, or if it ain't broke don't fix it mentality! You are sent to break up foul and business as usual ground for Gods divine order to be established. Isn't that what Jesus did ?  What God has placed in you disturbs prinicipalities,powers and spiritual wickedness in high places. What Did Jesus Do? He came and did the perfect will of His Father which is in heaven, and because He was obedient even until death by way of the cross,He gained the ultimate victory!!
   MsSondra says your praise,prayers,worship and your words are so valuable and the enemy wants to cause all kinds of viscious distractions to make you walk away from it all.But don't give up, stay focused ,victory is truly here. You shall not die ,but live and when I'm saying this statement MsSondra is not talking a physical death but spiritual. With Christ in your life and being in purpose with what He has anointed you to do, either way you have the victory. With Christ in your life you win everytime, even in death. Don't forget He rose with all power and is now seated at the right hand of the Father inteceding for us. Yes Jesus is still pleading your case, praying for you diligently, praying for a close relationship with you and this is why Jesus did what He did in remaining silent and taking it all to the cross of death so that you and I could have life and have it more abundantly. Now that's Love!  Mssondra question to you What are you willing to sacrifice so that others may live ?   Think about it.

Remember He wants Relationship Not Religion

Be Blessed


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