Friday, May 15, 2015

Can you be trusted with Secrets

I know what a title for a blog, but just come along with me on this journey as I continue to type. As an Educator I am blessed to work with children that come from all over the world. There is this one particular child each morning, who waits for me to enter the cafeteria just to give me a hug and tell me " I have to go potty". Of course there are other teachers standing around but the child will sit and wait until I come around the corner. I thought to myself can't this child ask someone else sometimes to take them to the potty, why me all the time, this child is not even one of my students, but it didn't matter to them. I was the help this child needed and was looking for.

One morning God begin to speak to me while I took the child to the potty. He reminded me my ministry is to restore leaders and the foundations of leadership. God said "Lysondra never think any assignment I place you on is a waste of time or unimportant. God said, I'm showing you that you can be trusted with the secrets of leaders behind closed doors when exposure happens, depression happens, suicidal thoughts occur. It could be the insides of a leader are in such disarray and they have no one that will escort them behind close doors to help clean up their mess. God told me there are many leaders that want to let it all out , but they have no one to trust with their secrets, their pain, their embarrassments, their failures, their lusts, their shortcomings or listen to this the big dreams God has told them, but afraid to share because of persecution and jealousy.

God said, Lysondra you can be trusted with the secrets not to gossip, or judge leaders, but to administer healing, hope and show them a better way. I'm developing patience in you to handle the enormous assignments that will take time, prayer and much encouragement. I ask you the same question, "Can you be trusted with Secrets"? As a leader the journey can become very lonely because of the assignment, the weight of it and the demand placed on pressing it through. Most times no one knows the mind challenges that go on just to remain sane and look the part of being alright. Many times on the inside there are temporary old bandages that smell horrific from the tainted blood and infections continuing to leak out due to repeated attacks, betrayals, abandonments, rejections, molestations and rapes (spiritually). As leaders most times we don't even know how to heal correctly. We slap a Band-Aid on and keep going trying to help and be strong for everyone else and yet dying on the inside. No one takes the time to hear the little child crying  help me, I need to go potty, I need to release, can I trust you not to abandon me if what I release gets too messy and it takes a lot to clean it up and get me restored back?

I ask you the question "Can you Be trusted with Secrets" not to judge, but to go in your quiet time and pray? When your leader is left vulnerable and exposed because of the overwhelming pain will you lend a helping hand to clean them up, so when they are back in front of people they are not standing in fear that their private business is being aired all over the internet or airwaves?

God is absolutely blowing my mind working with little children although I was trying to teach college level students, God has me working in Early Childhood Education. I am learning so much about leadership right through how I treat, honor and respect these little ones. What assignment has God developed for you to complete. Never think it is a waste of time when God is all in it. You never know what BIG He has waiting for you to walk in. Just remember when God trust you to handle the secrets of leader's hearts , He's trusting you to cover and protect the minds and hearts of Nations.

Be Blessed;

Lysondra J. Hardy

MA, Ed. Educational Leadership

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