Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Now let's talk for a moment on the situation where life is good, blessings all around you, your family, business and community are prospering,  yet your surrounding environments (Moabites, Ammonites and Meunites) would like to disturb the good in your life. I mean you did absolutely nothing to cause this disruption but live in your inheritance from God, but there are those who choose to war against you because of your inheritance. As a matter of fact you showed mercy on them in hopes they would honor the God in you and not disturb the parameters of your blessings, but because of who you are and who you are linked to,causes a rage unto your enemies. What do you do when your inheritance of good disturbs your surroundings that once lived peaceably with you  are  now planning to wage war against you to take what rightfully belongs to you and your family? What do you say when jealous cantankerous individuals ,groups or armies come together to decide if "we all combine our forces we can overtake them and take away their inheritance".

Some of us would likely begin to draft up a strategic plan how you will combat against them. Some of us may pack our bags and leave realizing if you stay you may lose everything so cut your loses and disperse. Then there are those of us who go in head strung without weighing the full entire cost of our immediate actions. II Chronicles 20 King Jehoshaphat received news a vast army was on the way to wage war. The king inquired of the Lord and decreed for all of Judah to fast. What happens when the enemy comes to harass your Judah? Your Praise? Your inheritance? Your command? What do you do when your inheritance of praise disrupts kingdoms on the other side of the sea? What do you do when your praise is so attractive, so relevant , so glorious it draws your enemies out to take what you have, what is inherited to you by God?

 We must do as King Jehoshaphat did , first we must inquire of the Lord.He even required Judah to fast. There are times in our lives when we need to totally surrender everything unto God including our praise which may be filled with distractions, visual discrepancies and exalted ideologies of mastered fallacies in which we have perceived to be the proper way to praise. In this season God will not require a human touch, but what God will require is an act of obedience to follow HIS PLAN. This Praise will cause a turnaround in your favor, this praise will cause the supernatural move of God to release victory in your favor. This praise will cause this battle to become sweat-less. This praise will cause God to send ambushes against your enemies. This praise will not only preserve your inheritance, your Judah, your praise, but this praise will give you granted access to collect the spoils to advance your inheritance. THIS PRAISE will let the surrounding kingdoms,  territories know not to come against God's praise.

I don't know what your facing, there may still be some giants residing in your promise. There may still be opposing or controlling voices trying to block you or discourage you from your next greater but turn your face to God, release THIS PRAISE unto Him , for the battle THAT COMES TO WAGE WAR AGAINST YOUR PRAISE DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU , BUT TO THE LORD. THIS PRAISE will multiply your inheritance and cause GOD to make your name GREAT!

God Bless you richly;
God's Mouthpiece
Lysondra J. Hardy

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