Thursday, November 7, 2013


Has God ever given you such an enormous assignment when half  the people have left, or told you to move forward in purchasing something great with only five dollars in your account and now your credit which was in great standing, is not so great anymore. I come to tell you if you're trying to recruit a whole lot of people to stand with you, or follow you to the other side it's not going to happen. No, for in this season God wants to push you to great faith to believe in a GREAT GOD!! Anyone can boast when everything is in place, money is overflowing in abundance and you have the popular vote. It's hard to keep having GREAT FAITH in what you don't see, and all you have is a Word from God and His stamp of approval! I'm writing this to tell you , God says you have more than enough! He is with you and for you, and will give you wise strategies to outwit your opposers and cause them to bless you.

In Judges 7 Gideon prepares to fight the Midianites, only problem God said there are too many men. Take them to the water and I will sift them there (Judges 7:4) . 300 men lapped the water with their tongues like a dog God said I will save you and give the Midianites into your hands (Judges 7: 7). Why did God use this type of tests to determine who goes to battle with Gideon? Why did God use the illustration comparing it or as a dog does? Many will look at it from a contextual point those who lap straight to the face will be more alert, or quick on the feet. But let's take a closer look at the loyalty of a dog. What Gideon was about to face he knew already outnumbered him and in this season and set time leaders you only need a few people who are loyal, trustworthy, dedicated and dependable. The 300 who lapped like a dog revealed their heart before God and their leader loyalty unto the end, even if it means death. Dogs are known as Man's best friend, companion, protector, loyal servant.

I love the movie 300. Again we see soldiers being trained from childhood how to fight, survive and the most important Loyal to Sparta and their leaders. Ms Sondra says in this season God will reveal to you your loyal lappers. No I'm not calling anyone a dog, but I'm highlighting the characteristics of the dog that won Gideon the battle. They are few in number but are relentlessly loyal and faithful to the end. In the movie 300 , no one had their own agendas. When asked what was their occupation, Spartans army shouted with one voice a loud decree . Spartan army defended their leader at all costs and willing to die if that's what it took for victory in protecting Sparta. Leaders, God says don't look for your breakthrough to the next in the majority. God is handing your enemies over to you, with  the 300. Now we all know seasons change and things shift, but God also sends  people who are assigned to you to get to the other side.  God is saying  in order for this victory to take place go with the loyal few like Gideon, take on a different spirit and be strong and courageous like Joshua.

Gods order is here, don't get caught up in how and move forward in the  ALREADY VICTORY! Ms Sondra just wanted to encourage everyone, even myself Gods favor is on you and has already gone before you. Focus on the 300 and realize you have more than enough to win and God hand you over your enemies to bless you. God says remember this after ever battle of victory there is a time set aside afterwards to collect the spoils of your enemies, how do you think David became so wealthy and was able to give millions of dollars in tithes and offerings??  God will use His majority (300) to give YOU victory over your enemies majority. Move in your 300 now and don't look back. Watch and see the salvation of The Lord . EVERYTHING IS WORKING TOGETHER FOR YOUR GOOD even your enemies to fund your GOOD!!!

Be Blessed;

Lysondra J. Hardy MA, Ed

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