Sunday, March 3, 2013


  Sometimes in life we can become so overwhelmed with other people's opinions and get caught in the dramatical lies of it all. But we must come to a point in our lives to let go of it all and realize you really don't have to keep living to other's expectations of who they think you should be or become. What matters is what God says about you and the assignment He has for you. Some of us waste too much time trying to explain who we are, when they were never actually connected to us in the first place. If you have to keep explaining who you are, you are wasting your time. As a matter of fact you have aimed too low and hit a unproductive target and expect abundant fruit to come from it, guess what it won't happen.

  When you realize that your experience was too valuable you will not waste time trying to justify who you are. How many times will you continue to lower your standards that it disrupts your character and all you stand for? Yet we want to say it's God, Well let me ask you this? If you were fearfully and wonderfully made in His image and after His likeness then why settle for being around others that can't see that about you or themselves? Again why keep wasting hours,minutes,seconds explaining to people who simply do not and will not hear you. I always say LET THEM SEE IT!! Let them see the Glory of God operating in your life to the fullest. God, I Am (ness) within you will speak for Himself. Stop trying to use your own wisdom and use Godly wisdom to be that salt, that light that sits upon a hill and shines brightly. No need to explain any longer what God is displaying before the world.

  Make no mistake you are being watched all of the time, and your words have power, but your LIFE can also bring about a release for others to be free through allowing them TO SEE IT operating inside of you. You may be the key God uses to lead others to Christ by the life you live, being a walking, living supernatural demonstration. So don't get discouraged or be weary in well doing, your living has meaning and it is bringing much LIFE and productivity to the environment that surrounds you. LET THEM SEE IT!! Let them see your stand in adversity, let them see your victory during your most traumatic time, let them see your supernatural healing and breakthrough. Be a living Epistle that makes an impact and releases transformational influence to Christ so strong they can't resist receiving Him into their lives. LET THEM SEE IT! LET THEM SEE THE LOVE YOU HAVE FOR GOD, YOURSELF AND HOW YOU LOVE AND SERVE OTHERS IN EXCELLENCE! Now that's HOW YOU WIN!

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